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Exploring the Phenomena of Cross-Cultural Executive Coaching
Student dissertation proposal and research presented at annual conference

Today’s business environment includes several new realities:

·         companies are more diverse;

·         business operations span cultures and often countries; and

·         cultural differences can easily result in miscommunication and conflicting expectations.

Despite these challenges, little research exists on how cultural differences influence the executive coaching process. University of the Rockies doctoral student Angela Edwards has designed a dissertation research project to fill that gap.

“Recognizing the multicultural environment of today’s workforce, it is becoming increasingly important for research to provide a better understanding of the influence that culture has on the executive coaching process,” says Edwards.

Through a series of interviews, Edwards hopes to explore and explain the phenomena of cross-cultural coaching, and to discover emergent theories based on the experiences of both the coaches and the executives.

Based on experiences in cross-cultural dyads, she will uncover how (or if) culture influences the coaching process, including expectations or assumptions and various coaching steps.  

By including both the executive coach and the leader in her study, Edwards will gain a richer perspective of culture’s influence on the relationship.

Edwards will share her proposal and current findings at the 12th annual conference of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR-USA). The conference, which Edwards earned a full scholarship to attend, will be held in Minneapolis this Oct. 17-21.


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