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University of the Rockies Dean Outlines Careers Outside Private Practice

You don't have to be a traditional clinical psychologist to have a successful career in psychology. Dr. David Stephens, dean of the School of Professional Psychology at University of the Rockies, a graduate institution specializing in social and behavioral sciences, says psychology graduates have many career options beyond the therapist's couch. 

“Expertise in psychology is relevant in a number of career fields, ranging from hospitals and correctional facilities to health and sports venues. One of our students is even finding it relevant to her career as a celebrity assistant,” he said. “Understanding the basis and implications of human behavior as well as diagnoses and treatment options has a compelling benefit in a wide range of professions. Here are five of them: 

1.      Forensic Psychologist – Connecting Psychology to Criminal Justice

Forensic psychologists play an important role in the justice system by evaluating competence to stand trial, and assessing psychological functioning and condition to determine if psychological factors may have contributed to the commission of a crime. Forensic psychologists can also work as victim advocates, helping find justice for those affected by crimes and their families.

2.      Sports Psychologist – Mental Training to Enhance Performance

These individuals work to mentally train athletes and help them deal psychologically with the demands of the sport, while improving on-field performance. Sports psychologists can be hired by a team or individual athletes at any level, from amateur to professional.

3.      Organizational Consultant Improving Productivity in the Workplace

Consultants apply psychology principles to solving human resources, management, sales and administrative issues within an organization. Often hired by companies, organizational consultants can provide advice on the quickest and least-expensive ways of meeting productivity and profit objectives. 

4.      Correctional Counselor/Mental Health Provider – Psychology within the Correctional System

Correctional mental health professionals provide mental health services in a correctional facility. They can evaluate the behavior of an inmate, testify in court on behalf of an inmate, and offer opinions on the inmate’s progress (or lack thereof).

5.      Career Coach – Leadership Effectiveness and Career Development

Coaches help improve effectiveness at the managerial and executive levels. When hired by organizations, career coaches will assist with identifying goals, developing leadership skills and planning career objectives and moves.


About Dr. Stephens

Dr. Stephens is the dean of the School of Professional Psychology at University of the Rockies. He has served as the regional director of mental health for Correctional Healthcare Management and as the chief of Behavioral Health Services for the Colorado Department of Corrections. Dr. Stephens has developed and overseen suicide prevention programs in numerous correctional facilities and has presented on suicide prevention at national conferences.


About University of the Rockies

University of the Rockies is an advanced graduate institution for tomorrow’s thought leaders. The University provides an intimate and dynamic learning environment, offering highly specialized master’s and doctoral degree programs in the social and behavioral sciences, access to industry experts, campus clinical programs for practical experience, and research and publishing opportunities. University of the Rockies is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association ( Small by design, University of the Rockies classes are presented in a progressive online format and at its Colorado Springs, Colorado, campus. For more information, please visit or call Shari Winet Rodriguez, vice president of Public Relations, at 866.621.0124 x2513.