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University of the Rockies Announces New Master's Degree in International Leadership
Master of Arts in International Leadership is now offered

University of the Rockies, a leading graduate school focused on the social and behavioral sciences, has announced the addition of a Master of Arts in International Leadership degree. The degree is offered within the School of Organizational Leadership and provides students the knowledge to pursue careers in management consulting, business, international business, and a variety of management positions.

“The Masters of Arts in International Leadership is a program designed to focus on leadership at the levels of self, teams, and the broader organization in a global context. The program brings together elements of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and systems thinking in a new and unique combination for those operating in a fast-changing global environment,” said Dr. Douglas Gilbert, DBA, JD, dean of the School of Organizational Leadership. “We are excited to bring this program to our students.”

“Having worked and lived overseas, I recognize how important it is to understand the nuances associated with the global marketplace. Too many opportunities are lost when leaders misinterpret verbal and nonverbal cues,” said Dr. Amy Kahn, vice provost at University of the Rockies. “We are pleased to offer the new Master of Arts in International Leadership degree to help avoid these lost opportunities.”

The new program was approved by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in February, and the University is now accepting students into this program. To learn more about the degree, visit



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