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University of the Rockies Announces New Applied Doctoral Project for Doctor of Psychology Students

DENVER, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- University of the Rockies announced today it is now offering students a choice between a traditional dissertation and an Applied Doctoral Project (ADP) to complete their doctorate in psychology.

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The ADP is especially useful for students who are practice-based, and is intended to extend and apply research by examining an issue in a practical setting.

An ADP is equivalent in rigor to a traditional dissertation, but allows students more flexibility in designing and conducting a research project with an applied focus, which is more in line with the practitioner-scholar philosophy of PsyD degrees. For the student who wants to practice directly in the profession, the ADP lets them apply existing knowledge in an advisor-mentored project aimed at solving problems within the field.

"By offering students a chance to complete an Applied Doctoral Project, we are giving them a chance to make an immediate impact in their workplace and communities," said Dr. Jeremy Moreland, University of the Rockies provost. "Having an ADP option alongside traditional dissertations helps more students achieve their academic goals while still contributing to the body of knowledge within the psychology community."

An ADP may be structured a lot like a traditional dissertation, or it can be designed as a program evaluation, an action research study, a theoretical work, or a case study. Each option requires of a student an extensive knowledge of the literature pertaining to the particular topic, a synthesis and application of this knowledge, and a sophisticated plan for how the project is developed and presented. Conducting these projects provides University of the Rockies students an opportunity to build expertise within a focused area, and prepares them to be effective practitioner-scholars.

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