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University of the Rockies Meets Quality Matters Standards for Exemplary Program Design
Five University of the Rockies degree programs also receive Quality Matters certification

University of the Rockies, a leading graduate school focused on the social and behavioral sciences, has become one of the first universities in the nation to receive institution level certification for Program Design and Learner Success from Quality Matters (QM). QM is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer-review process that has traditionally certified the quality of online courses. QM is now launching four new program certifications at the institution level, two of which University of the Rockies received.

“University of the Rockies was able to show evidence to a committee of subject matter experts that the design of its programs and the quality of its assessment processes meet the rigorous standards of the Quality Matters program.” said Carol Parenteau, manager of academic quality and QM coordinator for University of the Rockies.

The Online Program Design Certification recognizes programs that are designed around measurable learning objectives or competencies. Design or revision of individual courses within the program aligns with program objectives, involves QM-trained personnel, and is consistent with the relevant QM rubric.

The Online Learner Success Certification recognizes programs that are able to articulate a mission-driven definition of success for learners while meeting the expectations of external stakeholders. Certified programs must also demonstrate that learners are achieving success at a high rate, based on external comparisons and benchmarks.

“We owe these certifications to the unwavering dedication of faculty, staff, and administrators at the University involved in upholding QM standards of course design since 2009,” said Dr. Julie Frese, director of assessment and academic quality at University of the Rockies.

In addition to the two institutional certifications, University of the Rockies also received Quality Matters certification for five of its degree programs. The five newly certified programs are the Master of Arts in Psychology, Mental Health Administration Specialization; the Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services; the Doctor of Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies Specialization; the Master of Arts in Psychology, Sport and Performance Psychology Specialization; and the Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership.

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